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The Golden Compass

3th of May 2021

Love the wisdom and symbolism in this movie!

Going through life, we will all meet a lot of people challenging us.

People will question you, bully you, disrespect you, confuse you, try to lead you astray, provoke you and try to control you. Take a stand and seek to find your solid ground. Root yourself and connect deeply into the heart of your values and your truth.

Insecure people driven by manipulative power and greed will always try to get to you through fear with convincing you that you are not magical, not valuable, that you do not have an important voice, that you can not change anything and that you are stupid or lost and will never gain respect without their guidance and knowledge. They will try to separate you from the divine source, from your powerful and magical inner child, your creative mind, free spirit and colorful heart. They will question your values, forcing you to give up whats most precious to you, your freedom and free speech, and what makes you you, in exchange of their truth and way of living, forcing you to obey and worship their discipline to be accepted and a worthy part of society. 

Listen to your heart and follow you bliss.

Your heart, your inner compass, natural born instincts and intuition will guide you on your unique path of love, peace and truth, were you will build strength, courage and humble confidence and sacred ancient wisdom that will help you to see clearly the people supporting you, your true tribe, who wants you to be the best version of you, and the people trying to tear you apart, feed your anxiety and insecurities and make you crawl through life.