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Lene Rose

(NO) Fysioterapeut, Ernæringsterapeut, Shamanic Practitioner, Helhetsterapeut, Blomsterhealer, Blomstermedisin Terapeut, Plante Medisin Terapeut,  kursholder og Instruktør i Babymassasje.

(ENG) Physical Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, Shamanic Practitioner, Flower Healer, Floweressence-medicine Practitioner, Plant Medicine Practitioner and Instructor in Baby-massage.

I am a childlike, lover of life, organic living mum.

I have lived through 45 memorable summers, have been a therapist for 20 years, and have been educated in both the traditional healthcare system and in the holistic, natural world.

1) Compassion, 2) love, 3) justice, 4) healthy boundaries, 5) sacred trust and 6) truth are the 6 solid rocks I live by, and they are also mirrored in my work.

I paint, write song lyrics, poems, life-philosophical fairytales and love to get lost in nature shooting pictures of our beautiful Mother Earth. I played soccer for 12 years. Have personal experience with magical, natural birth, organic lifestyle for 19 years, and to work through and raise from dark-heavy, traumatic, soul-shaking, heartbreaking life-crises.

There is a native american saying: 

"If your never have tears in your eyes, there will never be a rainbow in your soul...."


Physical Therapist, official certified (Høgskolen i Oslo), 4 years

Nutritionist (Institutt Optimal Næring Danmark), 3 years

Master Herbalist Certification Program- ongoing 2,5 years


Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine Mentorship Program- 7 months

Shamanic Practitioner Mentorship Program - 2,5 years

Shorter education and courses:

The wisewoman path -woman as healer - 12 months

Magical Plant Spirit Herbalism - 9 months

Intuitive Plant Spirit Medicine/Shamanism - 12 weeks

Wildcraftig & botany - 12 weeks

Teaching of Grandmothers - Land Honoring Practices - 8 weeks

Healing Core-trauma with the white wolf - 9 weeks

Healing With the Ocean/Sea-magic- 8 weeks

Plantmagic of the moon - 8 weeks

Incan Shamanism - Seven Foundation Certification - 7 weeks

Shamanic Herbalism; Pathway One - 7 weeks

Shamanic Herbalism; Pathway Two - 7 weeks

The feminine way of plant medicine - 7 weeks

Understanding plants; What a plant know - 7 weeks

Awaken your rythm - healing through drumming - 7 weeks

Chakradance to change your life - 7 weeks

Aboriginal Selfhealing - 7 weeks

Heal into love/chakrahealing - 7 weeks

Sertifisert Flower Therapy Healer - 7 weeks

Drum Healing - 6 weeks

Have you asked the trees? Shamanic three medicine - 5 weeks

Wild Soul Woman - initiation and journeying into

the heart of your untamed self - 5 weeks

Herbal Medicine Making - 5 weeks

Connecting with the fairy Realm - 5 weeks

Spirit Guide Coach - 5 weeks

Sertifisert i Shamanic Healing av International Alliance of holistic therapies - 150 hours

Flower and vibrational essence practitioner, 150 hours

Shamanic Energy Medicine - 3 weeks

Antistress-therapy/massage, 1 week intensive

Lymphatic drenage, 1 week instensive



Certified Baby Massage Instructor

Certified Shamanic Coach

Alchemical Chocolate (TM) Practitioner

Certified Natural Musician Set 1

Certified in Edible Flowers Herbalism

Certified Crystal healer practitioner International Association of therapists

Certified in Rose-healing Alchemy


Awaken Your inner Shaman

Communication with animals and nature

Vision Quest through luminous shamanic dreaming

Shamanic journey - a way to inner wholeness

Become a bridge between the worlds

Royal hummingbird Medicine

Create a butterfly garden

Fairy Tree Spirits/Faery Flora Empowerment

Green triology

Herbalism; identify and harvest medicinal plants

Plant Spirit Medicine for healing trauma

Herbs for personal power

Cherokee Medicine

Chakradance and meditation for spiritual freedom

Flower reading

Herbs for the heartgate

Energy healer training 1 & 2

Chakrahealing with essential oils and ritual

Chakrahealing Masterclass

Crystalhealing and chakra

Vitamin/Mineral-therapy and Hairmineralanalysis

Indisk Ayurvedic medicine

Bach Flower Essence Medicine

Herbal Therapy

Triggerpoints and Stretching

Active Back - School

Physical Therapy after breastcancer-operation

Burn-out; the way back

Spa Pedicure

and many more....

(NO) Jeg har 17 års erfaring fra egen klinikk med fysioterapi, naturterapi og trening (aerobic, styrke og yoga). 2 års erfaring fra sykehus og kommunehelsetjeneste med nevrologi/slagrammede, ortopedisk/kirurgisk avdeling, hjerte/lungeproblematikk, psykomotorisk fysioterapi, ergonomi, belastningslidelser, barselgrupper, motorisk utvikling hos spedbarn og barnehage-/skolebarn, funksjonshemmede barn/unge, amputasjoner, brystkreftopererte, spiseforstyrrelser og overgrep. Tidligere instruktør i hjerte- og lungeforeningen.

Har vært Frilans kursholder i motivasjon, helse og trening for bl.a Aetat ”Tilbake i arbeid”, NVH Konsult. 4,5 år deltidsmedarbeider i helsekostbutikk, 6,5 år fulltid som butikkselger av økologisk mat, 1 år fulltid som sekretær, 3 år deltid som sekretær i butikkutvikling og 4 år deltidsmedarbeider i interiørbutikk.

Vaskejobber og lagerarbeid.

” It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly, deeply are!"

(E.E Cummings)

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